Makes me read less paper books.

When I used to commute to work, roughly 3 hours a day on trains and tube, I used to read a lot. There wasn’t much else I could do while sitting on the train.

I read novels, but I also read papers and… books about web.

For the last 7 months I’ve been working from home and I’ve noticed that my pile of books is not growing as fast as it used too.

Truth is I am spending more time in front of my computer working, I don’t have the journey to work, so I start early and finish a little later, not by much, I give myself a limit.

I tried to read before bed time, but I find myself tired and it’s hard to focus for long enough, therefore I hardly get the chance to read books about the techy stuff I am curious about.

In the morning I look for news, and Twitter is my favourite way of reading a bit of everything: from what’s happening around the world to the latest in the new technology world, to sports and, why not, gossip, just for that blank moment when you drink your coffee (black, one sugar, thanks). I find myself reading a lot of articles lately, but hardly any tech book.

I tried to substitute the morning news with books, but my head is spinning twice as fast organising my day: clients’ emails, to-do-list and deadlines! I can’t sit back and enjoy the read, even if it’s for the sake of my learning skills, which becomes somehow work related.

Don’t get me wrong, I love working from home, it has a lot of benefits, I just miss my reading time, but I guess I only need to readjust my rhythm.

Lunch break? Weekends only?

When do you read? What support do you read on? Proper books, e-books, online magazines?