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Pisarti Lab

Multilingual e-commerce site.

The combination of WordPress + e-commerce + 3 different languages wasn’t always easy to handle, but it end it was tamed and Pisarti has its new face live online.

Link to the site:

Roman Inscriptions of Britain

Roman Inscriptions of Britain

I recently had a chance to work on a project that was fairly different to the ones I worked on lately.
For a start it wasn’t a WordPress website.
Don’t get me wrong I love WordPress very very much, but finally doing something different was… refreshing.
Basically the core of the development and all the back-end was very much done when I jumped on this bus, but the good thing was that I had few key points and a clear view from the client of what the project needed. Although the time frame was limited the key points were very well defined and that made it easy to quickly create a clean design.
(Oh, and the front-end framework is Bootstrap.)

Final result:

T-Shirts Design


Please visit the shop to see more products and designs.