From Milan, Italy.
Based in London, UK.

Freelancing since 2002.


Why am I a web designer?
By accident. I have to be honest, I never really planned to be a web designer while at school.
I knew I wanted to create and communicate.
Create something that moves people, that motivates them to (inter)act.
I graduated in 2001 and i was a graphic designer. The web was yet to come into my thoughts.
I started freelancing, looking for inspiration and inspirational people.
I got the chance to work with talented people in few advertising agencies in Milan and there I discovered the world wide web was all i was looking for.

That’s how the story began… [and that’s why I am here now!]


Jump to Skills

The concept comes first.
You know that moment (usually at 5am) when a little tiny and incredibly bright light turns on into your brain?
That’s what they call idea, or revelation, for some is… the call.
I love that moment (except when it really is 5am).
The brain starts erupting a quantity of information you can rarely bear with, it’s like you had a hundred coffee in five minutes! (Which is not totally unreasonable if it’s 5am)
Then rationality (or caffeine) kicks in and you start seeing the picture for what it really could be: a project.
The concept, the idea, the target (in no particular order, well, we know the target comes first, let’s be honest).

If you made it until here I’d better list my skills before you leave the page unsatisfied!

Expert in

  • html
  • css
  • vector graphics
  • image manipulation

a little less expert (but still good) in

  • php
  • xml
  • jquery / javascript
  • actionscript
  • digital illustration
  • flash animation

I can easily switch from Mac OS X to Windows (xp/vista/7), I also love Linux (Ubuntu).

Adobe CS is my daily bread.
Microsoft Office and OpenOffice are friends too.

For obvious reason (see php) I’m also very familiar with EasyPhp and PhpMyAdmin.


The only place i would say you can find me for sure is… online, of course.

I like to travel, but, to be completely honest, I don’t do it as often as I’d like.

I’m fine in London right now, really enjoying it a lot and not planning to move any time soon. But you never know what happens in life, so, where it was, it is and it will be, I guess I was/am/will be curious to explore it.

To wrap this up: I only need a laptop and an internet connection. I’ll be fine anywhere. And if I like your country, I might come visit!