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Upgrading from Foundation 4 to 5

I thought I’d share this in case another half designer half front-end developer runs into the same issues I had.
Unfortunately I wasn’t so smart to record my process step by step, so some info might be missing. But here is a recollection of what I remember doing when updating from Foundation 4 to Foundation 5.

I’m currently working on few different projects using Foundation 4.
One is fairly recent and I thought it was worth upgrading it to Foundation 5.
Not least because this is the version I’m going to use when the next project comes along. A good chance to start familiarising with it.

When I thought about upgrading I was well aware that I needed to run projects in F4 as well as projects in F5… at the same time.

Let me say that don’t know Ruby, I’m new to Foundation and I only recently started using the shell/terminal consistently because of SASS. So, I’m no expert and most of the times I am not sure what’s going on ‘behind the scenes’. Stackoverflow is a lifesaver when I get stuck. This is the post that pointed me in the right direction from the start.

So RVM let’s you run different versions of Ruby simultaneously.

\curl -L | bash -s stable --ruby=1.9.3

To be specific I installed 1.8.7 for my older project and 2.0.0 for the one I needed to upgrade.

rvm install 1.8.7
rvm install 2.0.0

You can also set which one you want to run by default.

rvm --default use 2.0.0

Then I upgraded from Foundation 4 to 5 following the official docs.

I remember installing rubygems for v 1.8.7 (when I tried to recompile a .scss file in F4 the first time after the upgrade I run into an error pointing out I was missing rubygems).

rvm rubygems 1.8.7


Once reinstalled zurb-foundation for projects running in F4 and foundation for project running F5, new projects worked fine.
Not so much for existing ones (whether upgraded or not): I had to manually change the link to the js components in my base.html template to point to the bower_components folder.

Not a big deal to be honest and it might well be that I have forgotten some steps in the procedure that would have fixed this from the start (maybe I didn’t recompile, can’t remember!).

Although messy and patchy, I hope you can find some useful information if you’re in the process of upgrading to Foundation 5 and/or run Foundation 4 and 5 simultaneously.

Also, if you have found a cleaner way to manage projects in this sort of scenario, please let me know by commenting below! Thanks. :)

Reporting from MEX 2013

I recently struggled to get back into writing, whether for lack of time or for the ability to focus on one single subject. And that’s why it took me so long to report back about my experience at MEX, last September.

But I finally did it and you can read the article on the King’s College DDH Blog:

P.S. and Thank yous

Thanks to my friends Giulio, Leonard and Saverio (alphabetical order!) for their precious advice and resources (see below) that got me out of the puddle of mud-words I was stuck in.

A piece of advice… (from my friends)

(And this came up to my mind, sorry: With a little help for my friends)

  • If your sentences are too long and complicated, break them up. You’re probably trying to express more than one concept.
  • One sentence per bullet points and you’ll get your post! (I was stuck with bullet points)

Useful resources